Chris Myers Plumber Ltd

Employ and train its staff in various ways Including. training colleges, gas training centres, Boiler manufacturers training centres, UK safety services and teaching of all new employees by our members of staff.

We have a commitment to continually training and gaining of up to date Qualifications.

Members of staff have Qualifications in:-

City and Guilds

Plumbing and Heating, Craft and Advanced Craft.


Plumbing and Heating, Levels, One ,Two and Three

Gas Safe

Energy efficiency

Core gas installations

Servicing and maintenance

Propane gas installations and maintenance


Oil Boiler installations, commissioning and maintenance


Solar installations and maintenance


Water Bye Laws and Regulations


Unvented Hot water storage systems

Construction Skills

Health and Safety Management.

Health and Safety Site Supervisor

Asbestos Awareness

UK Safety Services

First Aid Training

UK Safety Services